Repair after a car accident in Jönköping

February 23, 2021

We were given an emergency assignment to restore a shelter that had been hit by a motorist. Right when we got the assignment
the planning begin of how the work could be carried out on site in Jönköping without any operational disruptions began.

Thereafter, production of the replacement parts was started. As soon as only a week later, we were three people from RM Mekatronik and a local electrician on site and after a long day, the shed was in good condition again.
Jönköping Energi provides 1200 customers, via this booth, with fiber communication. To avoid a downtime, a quick measure was needed to be able to maintain the physical safety of the shed and ensure that the fiber communication continues without interruption.

"I think you solved the repair quickly and professionally!"

Rickard Syrén
Jönköpings Energi AB

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