Our Services

Telecom & fiber

Our technology booths for telecom and fiber help you protect the equipment that provides your customers with reliable internet. With the right indoor temperature and ergonomic design, you can have better monitoring of your equipment than ever before, while service is much easier.

Backup & backup power

In phase with the progress of digitalisation, we provide companies and public enterprises with backup systems and mirroring systems to protect against potential interruptions. We offer everything from battery systems to backup generators.

Wind power, military etc.

We also have extensive experience of providing a number of other businesses with technology for protective purposes. Everything from military, wind power & VA systems have been able to use our high-quality sandwich sheds for their various purposes.

Service & installation in existing sites

Our work does not end when the product is delivered to you. We continuously service your products and help with any problems.

19 ”system structural cable routing

Sometimes it can get messy. We help you with structural fiber cable and patch placement between 19 ”stands in existing buildings. In the event of any operational problems, troubleshooting will be much easier if the cable routing is structured from the beginning. We sort out the problems that exist with slack.

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